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Drum Course – Level 2

If you’re debating either Level 1 or Level 2, here’s a good question to ask yourself to help you decide.. [Well, actually I think you should do the bundled version and get the Bonus KDZ Drummers Album, but marketing aside…]  “Do I have at least one drum beat I can play while holding a conversation?”  It can be ANY basic rhythm, don’t judge how complicate or uncomplicated the rhythm is.  Can you do that?  Try it…   noone’s looking.

If you can do it, or feel like you’re very close to being able to do it, you’re ready for Level 2.  If you can’t, stick to Level 1.  Or, like I suggested go for the value and get the bundle.

All that aside, this Level includes some of the review of the basics that’s in Level 1, but adds in a number of intermediate to advanced practice parts and rhythms.  We’ll go over multiple parts for a few traditional rhythms so you can practice and share multiple rhythms that you can play with others, start a group, quit your day job and become rock stars…

Or just bask in the glow of what it feels like drop in… take a breath, and get lost in the flow that rhythm provides.

Either way… I truly hope you enjoy.


Repetition is the mother of skill. Tony Robbins

In this course you will:

  • have fun (the cornerstone of any good learning experience)
  • Learn proper body posture and technique to get the most out of your drumming without overtaxing your body
  • Practice Fundamental Rhythm Patterns – great for improving your foundation for soloing
  • Review upbeats, downbeat and shuffles
  • Dive into multiple interlocking advanced djembe rhythms that you can learn and play with others
  • Learn challenging, yet expansive sounds, djembe and shakere rhythyms that you’ll play together, seperated on each hand.. it’s as hard as it sounds, but you’re like a one man band!

As a bonus you will also get…

  • Tips on how to play a ‘ringing’ djembe and make it sound good (yes I’m talking to you Remo!)
  • Review the Clave’s foundational and advanced rhythm patterns
  • review on basic Shakere technique
  • tutorial on tuning a djembe
  • instruction on how to comfortable wear your Djembe  (Go mobile!)