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Drum Course Level 1

Mistakes are the portal of Discovery.  James Joyce said that and though I’m not sure he intended it in relation to drumming, it as infinitely true there as anywhere else.  More often than not the BEST moments I have while drumming, are when I get lost, flub up the song and land somewhere unintended… the trick is to just keep going, find you footing… your ground (often the downbeat while drumming) and keep going.  And don’t forget to breathe!

Drumming, especially hand drumming, can be an amazingly rewarding experience that you do by yourself or with others.  This course is designed to help you and, hopefully others you drum with, enjoy the ‘portals of discovery’ that come with learning new things.


Figure out the rhythm of life, and live in harmony with it.

Lao Tzu

In this course you will:

  • have fun (the cornerstone of any good learning experience)
  • Learn proper body posture and technique to get the most out of your drumming without overtaxing your body
  • Practice Fundamental Rhythm Patterns – great for beginners and those learning to solo better
  • Learn how to play upbeats, downbeat and shuffles
  • Dive into multiple interlocking djembe rhythms that you can learn and play with others
  • Play a djembe and shakere at the same time! (no seriously)

As a bonus you will also get…

  • an introduction to the Clave and it’s foundation rhythm patterns
  • review on basic Shakere technique
  • tutorial on tuning a djembe
  • instruction on how to comfortable wear your Djembe.  (Get mobile!)