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Shaun Laframboise and Allison Gemmel Laframboise, Yoga and Drumming Program Directors

Some people meet over coffee. Some find each other on the internet. Allison and Shaun met through drumming and yoga.

Shaun had been working at Kripalu Center for a number of years when Allison arrived to take her Yoga Teacher Training. One fateful Saturday at noon, Shaun began drumming with the KDZ Drummers at Kripalu, as he did every Saturday, when Allison danced her way into the room. The rest was history.

Allison and Shaun have both been so deeply affected by the power of drumming and yoga individually that it felt like a calling to combine the two into their signature workshops.

“Yoga and drumming both take you to the same place – the present. They both heal and align your rhythms on a cellular level and provide ecstatic feelings of balance, openness, and aliveness. Combining them together in a weekend, the effects are cumulative and incredibly profound.”

Today, the duo drums together with the West African-influenced ensemble KDZ, leads drum circles, retreats and workshops, and drums for transformational programs in the Northeast US.

Along with their yoga and drumming work, Allison and Shaun are busy loving their sons, Kai and Tayo, and running their other businesses ventures: Thomas Island Studio for audio and visual recording and Prasada, a line of yoga-inspired jewelry.

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